Tuesday, 28 March 2017

WALT: Make plaster of paris wall tiles.

When the red reading group was sharing their book with us Zeke's eyes lit up. I couldn't wait to see who I was with. Connor was urgently trying to get up to get started. Everyone was yelling to share their ideas.

When we were cutting the milk containers people were glancing over each other's shoulders. I had butterflies in my stomach and was shaking as I was cutting carefully. People were staring into the cartons concentrating and I heard people whispering because they thought they were going to get it wrong. I was lost and was asking others what to do next.

By Shikane, Jarreau, Cody-Jae, Connor and Rykahdo.


  1. I find a Octolion fossil!:]

  2. I didn't exempt how my one look's like.

  3. wow room 2 i loved that day it was relly fun and good wishes

  4. I loved doing that it made me excited and we all had a awsome time