Friday, 8 February 2019


Tena koutou whānau,

On Monday we will be having a visit from the educators from the Waitangi museum.
They are coming to teach the children different digital technologies.
It is a wonderful opportunity and we are in the second year of this fully funded project.

Your child has recently joined my class so I have sent this permission slip home for you
to sign to allow the Waitangi Treaty Grounds to promote their work using images including
your child during the learning.

Please sign and fill in as required and if you can return this on Monday.

Mihi nui

Miss Nicola

Tuesday, 5 February 2019


Tena koutou whānau,

It is a new year and a new term and we are already successful at achieving our goals!
Ask your child what they have learnt and they will be able to show you using the links
on our site on their chromebook!

I am aiming to make the learning rewindable so they can revisit previous lessons and
remind themselves how to do something. Those with chromebooks will be able to use
this to help accelerate their progress and take control over their learning more because
they can learn at their own pace.

We have already had two trips out of school and we are planning an overnight stay  
together at school and another trip to Waitangi this term. Keep an eye out for permission
slips etc.

I am committed to the needs of your child and encourage you to visit and join us anytime.
They tell me they would like you to see what they are doing.

Mihi nui

Miss Nicola

Thursday, 6 December 2018

WALT make and give gifts to someone we care about.

WALT add level 3 vocab to our writing by creating certificates for each other for things we notice about each other....Your elf watched you be nice! Merry Xmas!

Justice is really good at creating things. This is a pouch for the pendant he made.

Friday, 9 November 2018

This is us using rewindable learning to make a hexagon and then figuring out how to create a snowflake design.