Thursday, 21 May 2020

Description Writing

Today we were working on increasing the amount of face and body descriptions that reflect a character's emotion.

We used pictures of cartoon characters with different emotions then got 2 minutes to write at least 3 descriptions.

Here are some examples......

My head hanging down, I stared at my feet. My hand was on the rubbish bin and I could feel vomit in my mouth.

I stood there, fists clenched and arms outstretched with the controller cord in my hand. My teeth were clenched tightly as I mumbled obscene words to myself.

She stood there, tapping her foot and staring at me. Her arms were folded and her face was bright red. "I hate you!" squeezed through her pursed lips.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Akau light box work

Makareta came from Akau and explained the kit we could use to produce our own  3D sea creatures and habitat in this light box. We had fun working out how to convert our drawings into actual 3D animals that looked like our drawings. It was a challenge! We also came up with creative ideas to make a habitat and then created 15 second videos of our work that will be used as an installation in the Bling Art Exhibition in Kaikohe in July. Our videos will feature on the big screen and our animals will be part of a collaborative piece from all students in all the schools involved.

Chalk Taniwha with LC group on Tuesday week 7

Great describing of features and purpose of each Taniwha. Sharing stories of Taniwha they have been told about by family.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Using good descriptions in writing to interest the reader.

Use an action first then fill it up with loads of descriptions before moving onto the next thing that happens.

Student work

We learnt te reo this morning. Most of the class were flicking their hands in the air and bursting with answers for the questions while others were fiddling at the back of everyone and biting their nails with bulging eyes that scanned the room for any sign of useful information they could find. We moved on to feeling objects and learning how to elaborate our sentences with more information about the object in te reo. I felt the hard apple and discovered that I could incorporate about it being red and also yellow in my sentence. I found that the apple was larger than the other apples so I could also add that too. I heard muttering and complaining from behind me about more extension.

By Petra