Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Today we learnt how to place colour and shapes to lead the eye around an image. We created a large glass tile with our ideas.
We are learning about composition and how the background of an image matters. Composition is where we place our objects so they look better. Our face to the side looks better than in the middle so we look all around the picture. We can put meaning in background and this helps tell a story.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Room 2 are being read The Adventures of Vin Fiz by Clive Cussler! Te Kawana has made a model aeroplane with his nan and we use it to help us visualise what is happening in the story. We look at the vivid descriptions the author uses and they make us feel strong emotions.
What was happening in the story and how did this make you feel?

Friday, 13 May 2016

Today room 2 joined room 1 in  walk to the park. We described what it was like there and used our notes to write our recounts. We took home autumn leaves and used these to create enchanted monsters and fairy outfits for our narrative writing!

Thursday, 5 May 2016


Principal awards for amazing effort in writing! Such a great read from these talented boys!


Miss Nicola made an avatar!