Wednesday, 24 February 2016

When we started noticing what was around us we created a landscape of the patterns we found around the school. This helps us improve our descriptions in writing.

Who am I? Self discovery of faces using art and performance.

BJ, Moko and Te Kawana took turns to teach us all how to solve a maths problem by using the part whole strategy.

This stick game is where we grab 2 numbers that make another number one of us calls out. It teaches us to add really quickly and makes us aware that there are many ways to make a number,

During brain break we eat fruit, drink milk, skip and do a running circuit to stay healthy and fresh for our new learning to come.

We got to play some cool board games today which taught us how to talk and listen to each other as well as learn the meaning of big words by reading around them and sounding them out.

Magnetic maths makes maths easy to understand because we get to move things around and talk about our ideas together.

Room 2 visited several rooms during our health expo rotation and learnt how systems work in the school to keep them safe and healthy.