Friday, 10 March 2017

Good descriptions from all of us put together in a poem.

My country

I like the places we can go.
There's mountains as high as you can see.
There’s trees everywhere.
I love my country every bit of it.
My country is beside me.
Crystal seas and our crystal clear lakes.
Clear rain.
My country is small, but it is big to me in my heart.
Trees maybe old but some are new.
Trees grow like humans grow, high into the sky.
Storms in this country are bad.
Our green grass grows fast because of the rain.
Fancy houses are cool but not everyone can afford a house. Green grass grows like a river.
My country maybe small but inside it’s beautiful.
Family that come together like the ocean connecting to each other and to land.
My land is not a city.
My land is a place where me and my family can be.
You can hear cow's moo.
There is a tall big mountain, it is very tall, you are able to see the whole town.
My home is on the hill.

By room 2


  1. good work and writing i liked the new way you put the words togher

  2. nice work and awsome words the words a ginomas i love rm 2s work by Tevana

  3. hi room 2 im tevana sister i wanted to say good work.

  4. i love all room 2s work by tevana