Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Room 2 has these activities to learn Te Reo around the room so students can choose something they need to practice each day with others.

 This is Bingo!
 This is practicing area of the pepeha/ Mihi/ Karakia
 This is a picture and word check area.
 This is the songs with there meanings
 This the song we are learning for the festival.
 This is some kupu from life education and new stuff from Lisa.
 This is to remind us to keep our shoes outside!
 We studied matariki and these are some resources to help us remember what we learnt.
 This is kupu to learn about our body.
 This is a game to remember objects around the kitchen we learnt with Lisa.
 These are magnetic words to match and learn.
 This is kupu to help us ask how we are feeling.
We use the whiteboard to work on writing our sentences.


  1. During this Maori session we like to find a Maori sheet with Maori that we don't know get a buddy and work out what it means.

  2. During this time Lisa come to our classroom mostly everyone was exited and felling happy. by Zeke.

  3. wen Lisa cam it was so fun doing mori games